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As stated in our blog, we have chosen to have our wedding reception on September 28, 2013, at the Sequoia Retreat Center, aka the SRC. It's so beautiful, I don't feel bad reposting some of the pictures from their website.

The twelve cabins on the site will be available through a special website, specifically set up for us and our wedding weekend at the SRC. Once the website is set up for us, we will post it here.


Both Michael and I were raised Catholic, and knew we wanted a traditional, Catholic church wedding. Once we chose our wedding venue, we started looking for local Catholic churches in the area, and stumbled across the quaint, cute little Saint Michael's Catholic Church. Nestled in the redwoods, the tiny town of Boulder Creek boasts this eclectic style church, built in the 1960's. It serves as the perfect location for our Catholic ceremony, not only providing to be a location close to our reception site, but also sharing Michael's birth name in its own name. I felt it was meant to be when I found this church, and can't wait to walk up that aisle toward my handsome hubby!

Once we figure out the exact time our of rehearsal and wedding ceremony, will post here!

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