Due to my MOH, Margaret's planning of my delightful bridal shower, we have chosen two more options for gift ideas. Check out her witty request at the bottom of my bridal shower invitations.

In lieu of a registry, the love birds want to feather their nest with gift cards from Home Depot and Lowes

Since Michael and I have been blessed with a beautiful home with most of the things we need, we have decided to request gift cards to our two favorite Home Improvement stores, to continue to beautify our home and garden into our first nest as a married couple.

HoneyFund VS Standard Wedding Registry

Michael and I decided to do something different than the conventional go-to-the-store-and-pick-something-off-the-list registry, replacing the standard registry with a creative gift idea instead, a honeymoon registry, aka the HoneyFund. Michael and I have been blessed with a beautiful home (mostly) full of everything we need, and the idea of lugging gifts back to Florida from our California wedding sounds a bit unappealing. In the search of something creative, yet practical, we found this awesomely inventive website, where we were able to create a registry page to share our honeymoon dream travel plans of going on a cruise through the Mediterranean, visiting the beautifully historic countries of Italy (gotta get in touch with my Italian roots!), Greece, and Turkey. We're envisioning a honeymoon full of history, adventure, and love :)

Michael and I were able to break down certain costs of our dream honeymoon, including such necessities as airfare and cruise tickets, as well as optional gift items, such as a walking tour of Greece or a cafe lunch in Turkey. By separating the different optional gifts into affordable increments, friends and family can then visit our page and purchase gifts by sending us cash/checks in the mail, or using their credit card to give a gift toward part or all of our trip ;) You can check out more info at our HoneyFund Homepage, or click on the icon below.

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