Meet the Wedding Party

When choosing my bridesmaids, it was a no-brainer. I chose girls who know me, and not only know the depth of love I share with Michael, but know the details of our journey leading up to our big day. They are strong women I am happy to call my best friends, and will feel honored to have them standing up on the altar next to me as I take this giant leap we call marriage. I knew I wanted to ask them in a special way, and went a little crazy on Pinterest looking at all different, equally adorable, ways to ask your favorite girls to be your special ladies on your big day. I kinda just figured out my own design, and created these handmade cards to ask such a special request.

Now, let me get to my ladies! Those incredibly special women, who all together, make up the perfect chemistry for my perfect wedding party. Introducing...MY BRIDESMAIDS!!

Margaret Williams~MAID OF HONOR

Margaret and I became close our Junior year at Moreau Catholic High School, and began a legacy of friendship through trekking to football games, gossiping about boys, watching hours of The Hills curled up on her couch in the Hayward hills, and going on countless double dates together. She's sassy, has a smart mouth, and makes me laugh so hard, while being a prim and proper sorority member and current elementary school teacher(She's so special, she even helped Michael out by tricking me into finding my ring size and helping him pick a ring!). I am so excited to have Margaret, my best friend, my girl friend, as my Maid of Honor on my special day.

Julie Kahrnoff~MAID OF HONOR

Julie and I met each other during the summer going into our freshman year of high school at a volleyball camp. I loved her bubbly personality, and her infectious laugh. She was the cutest little ball of energy, always with a smile on her face and something positive to say. As we got to know each other better through shared classes and mutual friends, we began a relationship that didn't fully bloom till the first year of college, when I realized how much we truly had in common, and fell in love with her easy going nature all over again (added points for her majoring in environmental studies, and being able to indulge in my hippie side with her!). I am so excited to introduce you to my second maid of honor, the adorable, love able, Julie!


Lauren is one of my best friends that I have known the longest, ever since elementary school at Roosevelt, when we were both awkward adolescents trying to find our place in this world. We became very close during our 7th grade history class with Ms. Nowlin, out in the portables at ghetto Bancroft Middle School, and trekking to bible study on Tuesdays in our latest Abercrombie and Fitch outfits, just to check out the hot boys (LOL!). We have come a long ways since those days, with Lauren growing into an intelligent, beautiful, delightfully funny women, always ready for a gross hospital story from my nursing clinicals, and readily sharing insightful looks at life from her interesting english literature classes at Berkeley. I am ecstatic to have such a creative soul helping me through this wedding planning process, and even more juiced to have her standing by my side as I tie the knot!

Stephanie Vanegas~BRIDESMAID

Stephanie is my latin love, my El Salvedorian princess, who won me over with her sweet, seemingly innocent ways during our freshman year in theatre class. Instead of practicing our lines and rehearsing, we would hide in the props and talk about boys, school, and girl drama all period. Her darling personality balanced Margaret's sassy mouth, and my crazy ways, to become known as SAM at our highschool. She went on to study at the same university as my older brother, co-founded the first latin sorority there, and is now a successful PR rep in San Francisco. I am floored to have such a calming personality, yet equally fun lady in my group, standing next to me as I marry the man of my dreams!

When Michael saw that I had requested my best friends to be my bridesmaids via hand crafted cards, he thought I was nuts for putting so much effort into a process he hadn't put much thought into. We had casually discussed who we wanted in our respective wedding party's, but he hadn't made the connection that you actually need to ask those people to fulfill the roles you imagined them in. Luckily, I convinced him that this is an important day, our bridal party would be fulfilling an unforgettable role during this special time, and that there needs to be some ceremonious spin to officially asking his favorite guys to be his groomsmen. Thus followed hilariousness as his guys responded in interesting ways to his seemingly silly request.

Robert and Matthew House~BEST MEN

Matthew House~BEST MAN

Matthew is Michael's younger brother, as well as his best friend. They grew up doing everything together, and have always been extremely close. When Matthew and his wife Kaylee announced the birth of their daughter, Zemmie, Michael was honored with being asked to be her godfather, a job he takes very seriously. Michael was also the best man at Matthew's wedding in 2010, along with their older brother, Robert. Before Michael even announced who were going to be his groomsmen, it was an unspoken fact that Matthew would be his best man. When M finally decided to "officially" ask Matthew, Matthew pretended to cry with happiness, and said, "Duh, why are you asking me?" Brotherly love is so sweet.

Robert House~BEST MAN

Robert is Michael's older brother, who when I say older, is a whole seven years older than Michael. This large difference in age made Robert "in charge" during their younger years, with hilarious stories having been told of the cruel tactics of an older brother on younger siblings (uhmm, making the boys run to the mailbox in their underwear so he would let them do something while being "in charge" one day). Despite these rocky younger years, Robert and Michael have grown close over the years, and Michael is very involved in his two son's lives as well. When Robert married his wife Layne during Michael's high school years, the two younger brothers were asked to fill the big shoes of best men, and somehow put together an amazing Best Men speech that was quite entertaining. So, keeping with tradition, it was obvious Robert was going to be Michael's other best man, and a few days after asking Matthew, M called Robert up and asked him the big question. There was a pause, followed by a, "Uh, I thought that was a given.?." in which the boys laughed at the official-ness of it all, and my insistence on Michael doing such a thing.

Justin Marroy~GROOMSMAN

Michael's cousin, Justin, has always been thought of as the "fourth brother", the other brother that lived in Baton Rouge but would hang out as much as possible in Mobile with the other House boys during summers and holidays off from school. Justin is a part of many entertaining stories from Michael's youth, and when you put all these rambunctious boys together, it is a crazy good time! It was also an unspoken agreement that M would ask Justin to be one of his groomsmen, it just took longer than expected as busy lives led to phone tag between the cousins, delaying the opportunity for Michael to "officially" ask him. M came home from work the other day with a big smile on his face and announced that he had finally been able to ask Justin the big question, and fitting with the theme of silly responses, Justin had replied with, "I went to your two idiot brother's weddings, I'll definitely be at yours!" Sounds like a plan, can't wait to see you standing up there next to the other brother's Justin!

Warren Perry~GROOMSMAN

Michael finally decided to commit to his last groomsman, and pick one of his closest friends here in Florida to be his fourth groomsman. Michael met Warren through his Crossfit Gym, Crossfit Rebels, and they became fast friends when they started competing against each other during their 5pm gym sessions. Warren is a big, tough dude with a sensitive side, working as an OR nurse supervisor here in Florida. Aside from our common career, Warren has a military background like Michael, and they love all things Crossfit and Zombie involved, with Warren coming over on Sunday nights with snacks in tow to watch the Walking Dead with his best friend. We look forward to having Warren's loud mouth, quirky comebacks, & awesome dance moves to add some additional spice to our wedding party!

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