Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visiting CA Was a Blast!

Last month I was lucky enough to take a trip back to California for a multitude of events, including my older brother's graduation, my BRIDAL SHOWER, and my younger brother's graduation, as well as the joint grad party for Theo, Rachel, and Christopher. It was a great time, with many memories made.

My MOH, Margaret, and my other bridesmaids did an amazing job on planning and putting together a magical Bridal Shower, utilizing ideas from my "Wedding" Pinterest Board. I made many great memories that day, including: spending time with my loved ones, playing hilarious games and letting everyone get to know Michael and I better, reading everyone's cards, and the Recipe's for a Good Marriage were great! Here's some pictures capturing the wonderfully happy day.

Had a blast during my trip back to California, but going straight for twelve days took a toll on me, and I got sick right before I was to head back to Tampa. Once back in Florida, I took easy, and wrote all my thank you cards. Should be coming to ya'll shortly!

The last picture is of Theo & Rachel's Bridal Shower card; one of my favorite of the cards I received. It states I am the "Hawaiian Mermaid" on the left, and Michael was the "Buff Coast Guard Guy" LOL!

Will update on May and June's To-Do List from THE BOOK, my wedding planning bible. Stay tuned.

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